Private Medical Insurance

Dr. Harding is recognised by all the major private health insurance providers. It is essential to contact your insurer in advance and obtain the necessary pre-authorisation for any consultation or treatment costs. We can supply Dr Harding’s provider number for the insurance company concerned as well as the procedure codes for the proposed treatment. Having this information before contacting your insurer speeds up the process of getting pre-authorisation with your insurance company and helps avoid unnecessary delays.

Dr Harding’s professional fees are within the published guidelines by insurance companies but your level of cover will depend on the conditions of your individual policy. Your cover should always be checked in advance. Some policies may stipulate an excess to be paid by the policy holder and this may be invoiced to you directly. There may be annual limits on cover, limits on out-patient cover or restricted cover for pre-existing conditions. Insurers usually stipulate that you must be referred to Dr Harding by your GP or specialist Consultant.

Self – Funding

Many patients do not realise that it is not necessary to pay for private health insurance to have private medical care. More and more people are choosing to self-fund private treatment and are finding costs are often less than they had anticipated without the hassle or costs of having to deal with an insurer during the process. Private medical care offers prompt and efficient diagnosis and treatment with your choice of consultant, at a time that suits you, in a clean and pleasant hospital environment. This remains an attractive option for many patients and Dr Harding has a number of set packages with the private hospitals which may be of interest. This means that patients have the reassurance of knowing what costs are involved clearly in advance without any unexpected or unforeseen escalation in expenses through a defined course of investigation or treatment.

If you wish to pursue self funded private medical care, we will gladly advise you of quotes with our partner hospital providers for consultations, scanning and/or whatever treatment is relevant for you. Having an initial consultation and scan does not commit you to proceeding with treatment. For the more expensive procedures, private hospitals can often offer a range of payment options for you to consider.