Private Medical Insurance

Whether you have bought your own health insurance, have the benefit of cover through your employment or via a relative or your partner, it is usually best to get all the necessary authorisation from your insurer prior to any appointments, scans or treatment. This avoids delays and ensures your cover.

Please note that all insurers usually demand that you must be referred privately by your GP or specialist Consultant.

Dr. Harding is recognised by all the major private health insurance providers; we can supply any provider numbers required by your insurance company as well as the procedure codes for any proposed treatment. Our professional fees follow the published guidelines by insurance companies. Please check your level of cover carefully with your policy in advance of any appointments

Self – Funding

You do not need to have health insurance in order to see medical specialists privately. Patients who wish to simply pay for their treatment themselves avoid the regular premiums, overhead costs, uncertainties and hassle factor in dealing with an insurer. There is no uncertainty in insurance cover when any arrangement is simply between you and your doctor.

Self-funded private medical care means you can choose your own Consultant from personal recommendation, the opinion of your GP or your own research. It also offers prompt diagnosis and treatment with appointments times convenient to you in a clean and pleasant hospital environment. This is an attractive option for many patients. We can offer you up to date quotes for individual elements or packages of self-funded care through the private hospitals.

‘Packages’ are attractive to many patients since this means you have clarity on the costs involved in advance without any unexpected expenses through a defined episode of care, investigation or treatment. Having an initial consultation or scan does not commit you to proceeding with treatment. For the more expensive procedures, private hospitals can often offer a range of payment options for you to consider.

If you wish to pursue self funded private medical care, we will gladly advise you of quotes with our partner hospital providers for consultations, scanning and/or whatever treatment is relevant for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us for further information.