Our Mission

We specialise in offering minimally invasive image guided surgical treatment for the benefit of our patients. The clinic brings specialist expertise for a whole range of medical problems which can be treated using the most modern, minimally invasive and evidence based treatments whilst avoiding major surgery.

This is so called ‘pin hole’ surgery so that in many instances, your procedure can be done via nothing larger than a needle hole.

We are passionate in our specialist area of expertise providing the highest quality patient care tailored to patient needs. We understand this need and can offer expert opinion, diagnostic imaging, interventional procedures and clinical/imaging follow up to give our patients optimal care for their problem.

We can see you privately to discuss your requirements whether you have health insurance or are a self funding patient.

Uterine Fibroid


The Harding Clinic specialises in minimally invasive embolisation treatment for fibroids

What is Interventional

Radiology and Embolization?

Clinical Services

Benign Prostate


We can now offer private patients this effective, safe, new treatment for troublesome prostate symptoms, using a minimally invasive approach